Are you ready to lead a hyper-local real estate investor hybrid mastermind, education event, networking group and club?

We position you to lead the most unique and valuable in-person real estate investor community in your area. Build meaningful relationships with hundreds of investors and deal makers in your area. Provide meaningful and lasting impact in your community. Help hundreds achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Launching your own Cash-Flow Breakfast Club

“I started the Cash-Flow Breakfast Club because I wanted to make and impact…I wanted to change lives. I wasn’t aware that this would clearly change my life as well. I feel tremendously blessed to lead my local chapter. I wouldn’t trade those relationships for anything in the world.”

— Omni Casey, Founder

Process and Benefits of Launching Your Own Club


Turnkey Setup

New topic modules, pre-planned agendas and slides provided monthly


Supplemental videos, live coaching and support each month to help you fully understand and present each module

Lasting Impact

Platform to create lasting impact and help change lives

Lead Generation

Amazing lead magnet to help you build a massive database

Local Network

Meet and lead 100+ attendees in-person each month

National Network

As we expand to 100+ locations over the next 3 years, you and your local community will benefit by having boots on the ground resources available in each of our locations

Leadership Network

As we expand to 100+ locations over the next 3 years, you will benefit by being a part of a Bad Ass leadership Tribe of some of the top investors and most influential leaders in our industry. Available regular group check ins and leadership networking events


Help hundreds achieve financial freedom


Unique format and pre-planned agendas designed to foster strong community connections


Included coaching and mentorship to help develop Leadership, presentation and wealth building skills


Event advertising assistance to help you build your list and regular attendance


Assistance in securing event sponsors

CFBC Leader Qualifications and Commitments

It takes a unique person or team to successfully lead their own CFBC location. Below are pre-requisites for any leader or leadership team looking to apply to launch their own location.

Although a location can have one leader, the ideal setup is a leadership team of 2-3 people.  The pre-requisites below only need to be met by one member of your leadership team.  

  • Own a minimum of 4 rental properties. Cash-flow is a foundation for much of what we teach, so our leaders need to have a good grasp on cash-flow and own 4 or more active rental properties (or a min of 6 doors if multifamily)
  • Financially free, or on the path to financial freedom. We are helping our community to achieve financial freedom (in a shorter than average timeframe) so our leaders also need to be committed to achieving financial freedom or meeting their baseline Cash-Flow Freedom Equation through Passive Income.
  • Growth Mindset. We are promoting a community of growth mindset individuals so our leaders also need to have a growth mindset and are committed to reading 1 non-fiction book each month and regularly listen to growth mindset, real estate investing or business podcasts (so that you can pass on insights and recommendations regularly to your community). Book list and podcast recommendations can be provided.
  • Abundance Mindset. We encourage our community to have an abundance mindset and openly give and share their knowledge to the world, so we expect our leaders to do the same. Each leader is expected to be a guest on at least 1 podcast a quarter.  Podcast scheduling/introduction help and talking points/initial coaching can be provided.
  • Maintain a visible and reputable brand both in-person and online (particularly social media) and willing to receive help and coaching to increase brand presence.
  • Thought Leader. Must have a strong desire and commitment to be a thought leader in your community and local market
  • First Year Reading List for All Leaders to read or listen to
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